Education House Finland focuses on making Finnish education solutions succeed in the Middle East. Based in Dubai, our industry experts help companies and educators find each other both in Finland and in the Middle East. We speak your language, understand your needs and know the market.




Joy of learning

We believe in having meaningful fun while learning. Nothing drives motivation and engagement like really enjoying what you are doing. Life-long learning is one of the core values that keeps us going and makes us happy, future proof, experts!

Value creating competence

We see the world changing around us and we make sure to constantly create value through the relevant and up to date competencies of our people. We will only work with you, if we think we can add value to your cause. We are experts in the education industry, native in Finnish and Arabic cultures and languages and have worked and lived both in Finland and the Middle East for tens of years. We love seeing innovations adapt and work in local contexts.



Knowledge driven culture

We know a lot, because we continuously scout for new market data, actively follow the news and keep our network and contacts timely. We keep our information updated and properly segmented to ensure we can always have the right data to serve our customers and help us make better decisions.


Advocate equal opportunities

We think everyone should have the chance to flourish and find their calling. By working on spreading world class education solutions, we carry our part in generating opportunities for many around us..