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Kide Science


Enhance Children’s science process skills with storytelling and play-based learning

Kide Science takes the little scientists to Supraland, an imaginary place where the children get to be real scientists and solve different science problems by exploring, experimenting and observing. Kide Science's pedagogical methods are based on academic research conducted at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Kide Science is tailored for children aged 3 to 8 and it is used already in 13 different countries.


The focal point of Kide Science’s research is STEAM learning. To support the educator’s role in implementing STEAM education, Kide Science provides both top- quality learning and teaching materials, training for teachers, and live support in the form of a step-by-step guide. This gives the teachers all the tools they need to teach science process skills successfully and trouble-free!




The smart way to learn

Eduten is an exercise platform with a full mathematics learning path for ages 6 – 15. This digital learning platform has a scientifically proven impact on learning results and grades. It also makes teachers' lives easier with automated lesson planning and learning analytics. Eduten Playground achieves all this by combining Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI.

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Eduten is a spin-off of University of Turku, Finland, a globally ranked top 1% university. It is already used in 34% of Finnish schools and supported by the government. Eduten Playground not only saves teachers' valuable time, but the Finnish solution also includes the possibility to follow and record the students' progress via advanced learning analytics, scientifically proven exercises and a vast content library available to all teachers.




Early learning matters

Kindiedays is an All-in-One mobile solution created by childcare professionals, bringing the best Early Childhood Education practices and curriculum from Finland to your kindergarten. Kindiedays supports a new way of working between educators, children and families.

Kindiedays creates the foundation for the childcare:
-Empowers educators with tools to focus on the child’s learning and wellbeing
-Engages families with pictures, learning posts, daily reports and live journal
-Document children’s learning with photos, videos and notes and connect observations with curriculum objectives
-Makes daily routines efficient to provide safety and give more time for quality education




make learning fun with gamification

Seppo is a pedagogically designed and acclaimed tool to increase engagement and internal motivation of students. It combines experiential, project-based learning and utilises technology in a real-life environment. The 21st century skills, such as problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and sharing your know-how are an integral part of the learning process of seppo games. Seppo's game pedagogy is to teach in a way that inspires and motivates students. It gets players on the move, which also makes the brain work better.


Seppo platform is extremely versatile and gives you endless possibilities in creating games according to your students’ level. It is used in more than 40 countries and many International Schools with different curricula (e.g. American, British, IB, Indian) have included Seppo in their teaching solutions portfolio.